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Dynamic Vinyasa

An uplifting Asana practise based on rapid flows through variations of sun salutations. Includes pranayama, meditation and advanced postures. 

Hatha Yoga

 A balanced practise in which the Asana are held longer to deepen the connection of breath and movement. This class also works on aligning the postures. May include pranayama and meditation.

Pranayama + Meditation

One hour of exploring different breathing techniques and its effect in a guided meditation after a short body warm up.

Qi-Yoga Flow 

Gentle fusion of a vinyasa based Asana practise with elements of the ancient Chinese arts of Qi-Qong. May include pranayama and meditation.


Slow-paced vinyasa class to deepen breath and movement. In this class we will also explore parts of the Yoga philosophy. May include pranayama and meditation.

Yang to Yin

A journey of dynamic and uplifting flows (Yang) followed by restorative and deep stretches (Yin). 

Drop-in (single-class pass):

$15 regular

Weekly traveller

(one week unlimited practice):


Monthly bliss

(one month unlimited practice):

first month (introductory): $49

then regular: $100