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There are many questions about life and our general well-being that all of us ask ourselves every now and then. Many of these questions can be answered for everyone through a well-guided and controlled practise of Yoga.

Tuned Space Yoga offers a variety of mindfulness practises to help us connect to ourselves. In line with the tradition of these lands, we intend to share our practises and knowledge to help as many people as possible to find answers to some of the questions each of us ask ourselves. The aim is to help getting closer to the inner truth - the source of peace and contentment. We have been hearing it from philosophy, seeing it in the media, meeting every now and then inspiring wise people, but can we get this knowledge also ourselves?

Yes, absolutely!!!

Tuned Space Yoga brings the original teachings of Hatha Yoga holistically in and around Byron Bay. Whether we practise an active Asana class in the early morning hours or a relaxed and focused sitting meditation during the last sunlight at dawn, we follow a highly individualised approach of teaching to ensure that every student receives maximum attention.

We believe and follow the teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar, who is known for his pure and individualised approach to the Yoga practice. We understand that every human being has different needs and requires therefore different guidance. We share our experiences Yoga on and off the mat as a whole lifestyle, to live towards a more peaceful and balanced way of living. Whereas some students might need help in aligning the Asana postures, others might need inspiration in other aspects of life such as a balanced diet.


We have been inspiring and helping people with our approach for almost two years now and the feedback we receive is mesmerizing!

Give us a message or come to one of our classes to connect and decide for yourself whether this is your format!